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Telescope Pier Accessories

Bubble Level - $125.00. A precision bubble level of 0.9″ viewable area can be incorporated as a permanent fixture into the pier adapter head. Must be requested with initial order. View Image.

Alternate Foot Pads Rubber Foot Pads are standard on Portable Piers. Upgrade to Aluminum Foot Pad will be an additional charge of $100.00. Aluminum pads are powder coated the color choice of the pier. Foot pads are interchangeable using ⅜″-16 tpi bolt at base of each leg.

Pier Extensions are available to fit ATS piers and the pier adapter of choice. Sizes available are 6″ and 12″ heights. The extensions are welded to a plate which bolts to the top of the pier tube. Pier adapters are machined to fit both the pier, without the pier extension, and the pier extension when mounted on the pier.

Price List
8″ Pier
10″ Pier
12″ Pier
Bubble Level*
6″ Extension**
12″ Extension**

* If pier adapter configuration allows.

** May require a small shipping charge.

Wheeley Bars

Portable Telescope Pier Wheeley Bar - Large with 4 inch wheel option


Large Wheeley Bars:
10″ OD Portable Piers, using 5 inch wheels (optional upgrade)
12″ OD Portable Piers, using 5 inch wheels (optional upgrade)

Contact JMI (Farpoint Astro) directly to order Wheeley Bars

Pier Trays

Price will be the current pricing by the manufacturer


Pier Trays Support Bar
8″ Tray
10″ Tray

Available in Black only.

Click on the images for larger view.


Eyepiece Trays
8" Eyepiece Tray

Eyepiece Trays
10" Eyepeice Tray

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