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Pier Powder Coating and Colors

All ATS piers are powder coated for durability, finish and added protection from weather. We now offer three standard colors of powder coating: Gloss Black, Astro-Physics Creme and Stardust Silver.

We also offer a polyurethane clear overcoat on our piers for an added cost of $100 per pier. This overcoat is an added protectant against color fade, and strengthens the overall finish of the powder coat. While none of our three standard powder coat colors require an overcoat, we do recommend this overcoat for all ATS permanent piers and portable piers commonly used for solar observing. This will provide an extra layer of weather protection when piers are installed outdoors, and exposed to the daily damage of sun and rugged weather.

In addition to our three standard colors of powder coat, we can often provide custom or special order colors for an additional cost of $100 per pier. We can provide virtually any color, providing it is a color commonly available as a powder coat. Custom colors often require powder ordering several weeks in advance of the actual powder coating process, which ATS is happy to perform. Should you wish for a special or custom powder color, simply discuss this with us at the time of pier order.

We also have the ability to provide some choices of both smooth and finely textured powder coat colors. Textured powder coat can sometimes hide the minor blemishes acquired through normal usage over several years. Again, please discuss this with us at the time of pier order.

Pier Colors

Color Sample Astro-Physics Creme
Astro-Physics Creme
Color Sample Gloss Black
Gloss Black
Color Sample Stardust Silver
Stardust Silver

Standard Colors

Astro-Physics Creme: The off-white color match used on their quality mounts.

Gloss Black: Slick, clean, and ultra-dark.

Graphite Grey: Contrast compromise, offered in smooth or textured.

Alternate Colors

Silver Flake: A fantastic metallic, that shines in the sun with a lightly-glittered look. This choice require a clear overcoat ($100).

Meade Blue: The dark blue color match to their LX series telescopes.

Tinfoil Silver: The shade of gray that matches the Mathis mounts. This choice requires a custom color charge ($100).

Folded Pier
Astro-Physics Creme

Gloss Black
Telescope Pier in Silver Flake
Stardust Silver

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