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Permanent Telescope Piers

Advanced Telescope Systems permanent piers meet the exacting requirements of a solid, permanent base for your observing platform while being fully adjustable for precision north polar alignment.

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  • Permanent Telescope Pier The pier contains no parts which will deteriorate when exposed to weather. All machined parts are constructed of high quality 6061 aluminum and powder paint treated for a durable and attractive finish. All bolts and screws are stainless steel.
  • The pier tube is constructed from 0.250" wall tubing for all sizes. The Thicker wall insures reduced vibration and increased stability in the tube assembly.
  • The base plate is 1.0" thick aluminum with three (3) slotted holes for securing the pier to the mounting bolts. The base plate is heliarc welded to the upright tube to a rigid connection to the tube assembly.
  • Three aluminum side struts are welded between the pier tube and the base plate to eliminate side flexure of the tube assembly under heavy or off-center loads.
  • The pier assembly is attached using three ¾" stainless bolts, provided by ATS with pier purchase. A wooden bolt pattern is provided to facilitate correct bolt alignment to the pier base and improve north polar positioning of the installed pier.
  • Custom pier heights are available to insure correct positioning of the eyepiece to the customer's exact requirements. Custom pier height orders are available as special orders.
  • Pier adapters are machined from aluminum plate and are designed to provide a rigid connection in the critical junction between the pier and equatorial assembly. Available adapters include Meade, Celestron, Losmandy, Paramount, Astro-Physics and other mount manufacturers.
  • Custom adapters are available upon request. Pier adapters are not included in the pier pricing.
  • Clear overcoating is recommended on all permanent piers.

Customer's Suggestion: Filling the permanent pier with a material to reduce vibration is a good idea. I have found that the 'rubber mulch' (Primarily shredded car tires) serves as an excellent fill material. Purchased from Home Depot for $6 per bag. Takes approximately six bags for a 10″ by 42″ pier. Customer said: "... the result is a satisfying thud when you tap on the tube ..."

Permanent Telescope Pier Pricing

Pier Height 30" 36" 42" 48" 54"
8" Pier O D $2,495 $2,595 $2,695 $2,795 $2,895
10" Pier O D $2,695 $2,795 $2,895 $2,995 $3,095
12" Pier O D $2,895 $2,995 $3,095 $3,195 N/A

Clear polyurethane overcoating is strongly recommended on all permanent piers, as an added protectant against weather. This is offered for an additional cost of $100 per pier.

We are happy to pre-ship our permanent pier L-bolts and installation template for an added cost of $50 to domestic customers.

Pre-shipment allows customers to prepare and ready the installation base (concrete) while the pier is being completed. If pre-shipping is not chosen, these L-bolts and installation template will be shipped along with the completed pier at no additional cost.

Total pier height is calculated from the bottom of the base plate to the top of the pier. Pier heights above 54″ are available by custom order. 12″ permanent piers are available as special orders. Pier adapters are not included in the above prices. Prices do not include shipping, handling, or any applicable taxes. All prices are in US Dollars.

See pier recommendations by manufacturer.

Packaging & Shipping Information

All shipments are professionally packed for safety, and insured for transport. We commonly use FedEx or UPS carriers, and ground or international economy rate service. Customers are responsible for any import fees and/or duties on international shipments. Shipping charges on adapter-only orders will be figured on an individual basis.
These quotes represent all domestic shipment orders (continental U.S.). International and 12″ OD pier shipments figured on an individual basis.
Packing and Shipping Rates are determined by box measurements, Zip code and Weight. State and County Surcharges may apply for Rural or "Out of Normal Area" deliveries. Surcharges are not included in the estimated shipping charges listed.

Pier Packing & Shipping Weight
8″ OD Piers $200 35-60 lbs.
10″ OD Piers $225 50-75 lbs.
12″ OP Piers $250 50-75 lbs.

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