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Portable & Permanent Telescope Piers

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Manufacturer Pier Recommendations

8″ Tube Diameter (Maximum Load = 350 Lb.)

Losmandy - GM-8 or G-11 Mounting (Losmandy adapter)
Losmandy - Titan Mounting (Losmandy adapter)
Astro-Physics - AP 900GTO Mounting (AP adapter)
Meade - LX200 Mounting (ATS adapter)
Meade - LX90 Mounting (ATS adapter)
Meade - LXD 650 and LXD 750 Mountings (ATS adapter)
Celestron CGE Mountings (ATS adapter)
Celestron Nexstar 8″ & 9.25″
Parks Optical 10″ and 12.5″ GEM
Orion Atlas
Takahashi NJP (Takahashi adapter)
Takahashi EM-200 & EM-400 (Takahashi adapter)
10Micron - GM2000 (ATS adapter)
Software Bisque - Paramount MX (ATS adapter)

10″ Tube Diameter (Maximum Load = 550 Lb.)

Astro-Physics - AP 1600GTO Mounting (AP adapter)
Software Bisque - Paramount ME (ATS adapter)
Meade - LX800 - 16″ (ATS adapter)
Mathis MI-500 (Mathis adapter)
Parks Optical 16″ GEM
10Micron - GM4000 (ATS adapter)

12″ Tube Diameter (Maximum Load = 700 Lb.)

Meade MAX mounting (ATS adapter)
Astro-Physics 3600GTO (ATS adapter)
Large Equatorial Mounting - Base Plate Larger than 10″ (Custom ATS adapter required)

Advanced Telescope Systems, Inc.
Manufacturer of Quality Telescope Piers

Designed For Strength Built With Quality

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