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Our customers have good things to say about our Telescope Piers. We would like to share their comments with you.

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Moravian University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania


Moravian University Sky Deck


Matthew Harbison of Chattanooga, TN


Matthew Harbison - Permanent Telescope Pier

"I got it and ran! Sitting under a billion stars at the Marathon Motel right now. Thanks for everything!"


Victor Biega


Victor Biega - Telescope Pier

"I envisioned this combination like a bridge between the past and the present and between antique and modern technology. The telescope looks old but the ATS pier is a great complement. Besides the fact that it is a nice design, the ATS pier is lightweight, easy to transport, and very sturdy, which makes it a great choice for both visual observations at higher magnification and astrophotography. Indeed, the pier is 7 years old. I use it all this time and I'm extremely pleased with its performance."

Sky and Telescope Magazine – July 2010


Rick Debus of Riverside, CA


Rick Debus - Permanent Telescope Pier

"I am delighted with my two ATS piers."



Michael Landherr of Gilbert, AZ


Michael Landherr - Portable Telescope Pier

"This pier is awesome. Excellent craftsmanship. It's a 'must have' for any serious imager."


Richard Hammar of Springfield, MO

Richard Hammar - Portable Telescope Pier

"I needed durability, rock-solid stability, ease of use and adjustability. My ATS pier has excelled in each of the qualities."

Mr. Hammar's web site:


Robert Hawley

Robert Hawley - Permanent Telescope Pier

"When I decided to upgrade to an Astro-Physics 900, I wanted a pier that was in the same class as the mount. ATS was specifically recommended by Astro-Physics. Steve adapted his design to the footprint of my existing pier base. The final product is both beautiful and extremely solid. The pier is exactly what I need for long duration narrowband exposures."

Mr. Hawley's web site:


David Pofahl of Blythe, CA

David Pofahl - Portable Telescope Pier

"This ATS pier gets a lot of attention wherever it's set up. It's quite solid, and collapses as a single unit for easy transport. The design, materials and workmanship are wonderful."

Paul Gaylord of San Diego, CA

Paul Gaylord - Portable Telescope Pier

"This pier is a beauty. Thank you!"

Dan Carnevale of Enfield, CT

Dan Carnevale - Portable Telescope Pier

"I needed a stable platform designed for ease of use. Mission accomplished! Performance and quality of construction make the ATS portable pier a perfect match for my AP gear."

Mal Speer of W. Babylon, New York

Mal Speer - Portable Telescope Pier

"This pier works great! I recommend it to everyone who asks about it."

George Whitney of Falmouth, Maine

George Whitney - Portable Telescope Pier

"Only the ATS pier provides the imaging stability I need. A wonderful product."

Garth Buckles of California:

Garth Buckles - Portable Telescope Pier

"My ATS pier provides excellent stability for long exposure imaging. It's the best designed and easiest-to-use field pier I've seen. It's a perfect match to my AP900 mount and scope."

Mr. Buckles website:

Gain Lee of Huddersfield, England:

Gain Lee - Portable Telescope Pier

"The ATS portable pier has proven to be extremely rigid, stable and lightweight. It's easy to set up. The 10" OD pier supports my Celestron C-14, Takahashi FS-152, Sky90 and Paramount ME with strength to spare."

Greg Piepol: Northern Virginia Astronomy Club

Greg Piepol - Portable Telescope Pier

"The ATS pier is a sturdy, well-built pier that easily handles the loads of two Ha telescopes and accessories. Fitted with an AP adapter plate, the ATS pier works wonderfully with my AP900 mount. I find it much easier to carry than other piers. It is lightweight, has a carrying handle and the legs remain attached. A great choice."

Visit Greg's web site photo at

Dave Jurasevich of California:

Dave Jurasevich - Portable Telescope Pier

"The ATS portable pier provides the kind of rock-solid stability required for long exposure astro-imaging. It's a beautifully-crafted pier, combining elegance and functionality in a compact package."

Mr. Jurasevich's website:

J. Gordon of California says:

J. Gordon - Portable Telescope Pier

"I have been using the Advanced Telescope Systems pier for several years. The portable ATS pier and my Astro-Physics 1200 mount provide a very rigid platform for my CCD photos."

Bob Lockwood of San Diego, CA

Bob Lockwood of San Diego, CA - Portable Telescope Pier

"I built myself a portable pier, but it was too heavy and took too long to set up. My ATS pier is more stable, lightweight, and takes only two minutes to set up. It looks great loaded with my equipment."

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